Live a Creative Life, Lose your Fear of being wrong

Live a creative life,
lose the fear of being wrong.
The creative person discover a world
spacious and full of possibilities,
it is able to get big hits,
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Look at your present not your past Christian free phrases

Christian quotes about present, not living in past, free christian image by Mery Bracho
When you decide to look at the present with faith 
your thoughts now are not rooted in the past 
but bravely you live today and trust that 
God will hold you in your future.
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I surrender all to you, Lord Christian Image

I surrender all to you, Lord Christian Image by Mery Bracho. Free Christian cards, christian images.
I surrender all to you, Lord,
my life, my family, my dreams,
my plans, my future, my home,
my work and everything else.
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